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Live the full immersion of the Destination Monts-Valin experience and go on an back country expedition or a trail ride with one of our expert guides! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our guiding services are designed for extreme sports enthusiasts who want to discover the wonderful Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Discover the breathtaking scenery with confidence and live a unique experience with true connoisseurs of the Monts-Valin! Check out our Facebook to see them in action!

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Fred loves to guide in the most remote corners of the Monts-Valin to bring out the best in everyone. Rivers, streams, tree-riding, isolated roads, power lines and much more are his daily playgrounds. Stuntman at his hours, he will be able to teach you all sorts of things.

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Francis-Anthony's strength in off-trail is his resourcefulness and his ability to adapt to any situation. His expertise makes him the perfect guide for creeks, lake heads and savannahs (what we call in our jargon: dirty).

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Mike is incredibly versatile in snowmobile driving. He will make you discover the most beautiful viewpoints and attractions of the region. He will help you surpass yourself on all types of terrain in the heart of the Monts-Valin.

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Maxime is passionate about everything related to nature, ATV and snowmobiling. His goal is to make you live the oback country experience at its peak. During your stay with him, he will show you techniques adapted to your abilities and help you exceed your own limits.

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Mathieu, being a true motorized sports maniac, it was written in the sky that he would be a snowmobile maniac. It is on the magnificent winding trails or during back country adventures that he will transport you into a breathtaking universe.

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Back country clinic

The only back-country school certified in Quebec!

The courses will be adapted according to the skills and achievable objectives of the snowmobilers. They are designed to meet the needs of both beginner and experienced snowmobilers.

You will learn or refine the proper techniques for safe and legal mountain snowmobiling. The training will be done on terrain appropriate to your skills; we have a great big playground for you to discover!

Level 1

Basic techniques:

  • Riding position
  • flotation techniques
  • tips and techniques for back country adjustments of your snowmobile (suspension, geometry, handlebars)
  • counter-steering maneuver
  • technique to get off without physical effort

Level 2

Driver who already knows counter-steering maneuvers but wants to master them 100% in all situations:

  • in the forest
  • slopes
  • uphill
  • side hill technique in open terrain and advanced counter-steering technique

Introduction to tree-riding

Level 3

Driver who has already mastered level 2. This level is designed for drivers who want to learn and master advanced tree-riding and creek-riding techniques

  • Progressive and digressive side hill technique
  • advanced elevator* technique
  • advanced terrain reading technique
  • Hop Over, Re-Entry and Bow tie!
Chalets en bois rond

Western Canada Preparation

We prepare you to have the best experience possible for the trip you've been dreaming of!

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convenience store and gas station

With our convenience store and gas station directly on Monts-Valin, you will find everything you are looking for! Whether for food, drink, VHR accessories, oil, etc., you will have access to everything, in all circumstances!


*** NEW ***

Having problem with your recreational sports vehicle? An unfamiliar light on your ATV's dashboard is illuminating? Your snowmobile engine is making a strange noise? No need to panic! Destination Monts-Valin and Evolution-X are there to help you on the mountain!

Our certified technicians are the best and will fix any problem in no time.

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Chalets en bois rond
Chalets en bois rond

Moreover, if you wish to modify or improve your motorized sports vehicle, Evolution-X Jonquière is also there for that. We have all the necessary equipment to meet all your needs. So, if there's anything we can help you with, let us know!

Also, if you are looking for a part to change yourself on your vehicle, consider visiting our Parts and Accessories section! We have everything you need to repair your vehicle yourself.

Information :
2510, rue Dubose, Jonquière (Québec), G7S 1B4
418 512-3030

Smokehouse BBQ

Developed in response to the extreme temperatures experienced during the 2020-2021 winter season, the Fumoir BBQ was designed to be an extraordinary gastronomic experience for snowmobilers. Destination Monts-Valin's BBQ Smokehouse is the only one in Quebec to use the "Myron Mixon Smoker". A process of smoke and steam that offers a slow cooking to tenderize the meat.

The directors have erected an outdoor tent in the heart of the Monts-Valin, more precisely in Saint-David-de-Falardeau, to create a menu and a culinary experience for the snowmobile clientele

You can now offer our products in your market and on your plate so that you can bring a bit of the heart of the Monts-Valin at home.

You must offer it to your taste buds!

Points of sale :

  • IGA Lamontagne et fille
  • IGA St-Hubert Jonquière
  • IGA Mellon Jonquière
  • IGA Chicoutimi
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Great good, aventure, and unvanishing souvenirs: welcome to DMV!

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